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Help WIXY1260Online DJ Gary Wenner's Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 2018 Man of the Year Campaign

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Weekdays: 7-11 am & 11 pm-1 am
Mondays: 11 am-3 pm & 7-11 pm
Tuesdays: 3-7 pm; 7-9:30 pm
Wednesdays: 11 am-3 pm; 3-7 pm & 7-11 PM
Thursdays: 11 am-3 pm; 4-7 pm & 7-11 pm
Fridays: 11 am-2 pm; 3-7 PM & 7-11 pm
Saturdays: 3-7 pm & 7-11 pm
Sundays: 8-11 am; 11 am-3 pm; 3-6 pm & 6-9 pm

Upcoming Events

Apr. 21: Fat Little Buddies
May 4: The Club House
June 1: The Club House


Schedule subject to change due to illness, vacations, etc., of DJs and as we appear at remote events. Our Live Shows are not pre-recorded or voice-tracked because our DJs enjoy being live in studio to interact with and entertain our listeners!

Community Events

Community Events are in bronze text on Calendar - to add your event, e-mail us at news@wixy1260online with the details.

Meet the Stars

Our DJs love to entertain you, and we NEVER voice track (pre-record) our shows.  Authenticity and fun are more important than perefection and a generic "over-programmed" sound at WIXY1260Online.

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RULES: Contests open only to legal U.S. residents, over the age of 18 where permitted by law. Entrants warrant they are legally eligible to participate and thereby grant us the right to use their name or likeness (but not private information, which is always kept confidential -we NEVER share your information, ever!) accordingly. Winners are chosen at random by Management, not in conjunction with any other source (such as social media, advertisers, etc.) unless otherwise indicated and will be announced on our website, via e-mail and on social media (at minimum). If you are WIXY1260Online employee or a friend or family member of WIXY1260Online employee, you are ineligible for prizes, but we'd still love your help spreading the word. Also, if you have won anything from WIXY1260Online in the prior 60 days to your entry, you are not eligible to receive a prize, but we'd still love your help spreading the word. No purchase is necessary to participate and bribery is flattering, but will not increase your odds of winning. Cheating is frowned upon, flattering however, but cheaters will not prosper and will be ineligible for current and future prizes. WIXY1260Online assumes no risk or liability for your entry/participation in any contest. Further, we are not responsible for prizes lost, stolen or damaged, during the shipping process and we have the right to revoke unclaimed prizes.

The Last Broadcast

Our Last Broadcast from Lakewood, Ohio, happened Friday, Feb. 2nd.  Our new home city is Cleveland, Ohio - the original home of WIXY 1260 AM.

We're doing the finishing touches on the new studios, but you can check our progress in the photo gallery. We've also changed license providers and are updating our listening links and mobile apps, so keep following us on air, on Facebook & Twitter or right here at www.wixy1260online.com!

WIXY1260Online's Last Broadcast

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 2018 Man of the Year Campaign

From Gary Wenner: "My Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 2018 Man of the Year Campaign is officially underway!! I have made a video to tell my story and encourage people to donate. This might be hard to watch for some, but it's important. Let me make very clear that I have a new life with an amazing woman who stands with me in my endeavor, but I'm re-telling my story to help those who still suffer get the treatment they need. PLEASE share this video on your pages and encourage others to share as well!! My webpage is live and you can donate at any time!! Help #teamwildman win and help a great cause in so doing!! #mwoy #somedayistoday"


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