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Ten Years In & We're Still Cleveland's Best Internet Radio Station!


Time has really got the better of us all, and WIXY1260Online is no exception. It seems hard to believe that we will be entering our 10th Year this month and entertaining folks with the best variety of the 60's and 70's, bringing the the much loved magic of WIXY 1260 back to the airwaves. Our listeners and your dedication to carrying on this great musical tradition truly make it all worthwhile, even during the most difficult times.  

Welcome to the Rebirth of the Cleveland Legend - WIXY 1260!

AT WIXY1260ONLINE WE'RE NOT JUST BRINGING BACK THE GOOD TIMES, WE'RE SHAPING THE FUTURE OF RADIO! WIXY1260Online is playing the best variety of the 60's and 70's (and some 50's too)! We're streaming live on the internet 24/7/365 and offering service, personality and entertainment options not found with traditional radio stations. Our audio quality sets the benchmark in the industry for quality and minimal data usage (when not on a home network) and we never charge a listening subscription or a fee to use our mobile apps, nor do we drown our listeners in advertising.


Many radio stations are touting their 'professional' backgrounds in radio. At WIXY1260Online our diverse professional backgrounds and true love for listeners and radio itself sets us apart from the money scoundrels of radio.

At WIXY1260Online - The Future of Radio is Now!

From 1965 to 1976, WIXY 1260 AM was an incredible force in the Cleveland, Ohio, radio market, and has never been forgotten. Now, two WIXY fans from Cleveland have given WIXY 1260 new life...on the Internet (along with a great set of staff members, all of whom do this voluntarily). WIXY1260 Online has been active since October, 2011, and offers the same high-energy music and fast pace that made the original WIXY a legend in the annals of Top 40 Radio! We have programmed the top hits and local favorites that were played on WIXY, many available in stereo for the first time, and you can hear them in high quality 24/7/365 on your computer, smartphone, iPod, PlayStation, internet radio player, Roku player, Apple TV, home assistant device or tablet pc.

We regularly conduct surveys and solicit feedback via our website in an effort to make WIXY1260Online the best it can be. Naturally, the feedback was from both those who believe we should do things exactly as WIXY did, and from those who realize that times have changed, and listening to the same stuff repeatedly becomes boring. To take advantage of modern technologies and keep WIXY1260Online fresh, we have added to the depth of our collection by creating new jingles and promos as if the station were still in existence. We honor the original format as practically possible while observing modern listening trends.

Over the past few years, we have been fortunate enough to develop a strong listening audience and we thank all of our listeners for tuning in! As great as the original WIXY 1260 AM, we feel the best way to move forward is to match the original WIXY spirit with today's level of professionalism. We will continue to "Honor the Past, Respect the Present and Plan for the Future." Thanks to some of WIXY's original jocks, our fans and, of course, a group of dedicated volunteers, all experts in their respective fields (many of whom are radio veterans), we are pioneering the Future of Radio and making it the way it was meant to be - fun and non-pretentious. WIXY1260Online is playing the best variety of the 60's and 70's (anywhere on the planet)!

Thanks For Listening!
Gary Schmitz & Ray Glasser, Founders

Our People Rock!

We believe our diversity and listener focus makes us better equipped to entertain listeners. Our talented group of dedicated volunteers, all experts in their respective fields (including radio veterans), is pioneering the Future of Radio and making it the way it was meant to be - fun, free and non-pretentious. WIXY1260Online is playing the best variety of the 60's and 70's (anywhere on the planet), and is dedicated to returning radio to the people, not a corporate balance sheet!

Management Team


Gary Schmitz
Owner; General Manager; Chief Engineer


TJ Chizmar
Assistant General Manager; Webmaster; Communications Director


Ray Glasser
Production Manager; Videographer 


Eric Rath
Sales Manager; Quality Assurance Analyst; Engineer

Senior Staff

Tony Zima
Lead DJ; Quality Assurance Analyst; Historian

Senior Staff

Lenny George
Senior Engineer; Sales Assistant

Senior Staff

Joani Smith
Events Manager; Sales Assistant

Senior Staff

Mike Meszaros
Secretary to the Management; Communications Analyst; Remote Technician

Senior Staff

Sam Samuelson
Technical Support Specialist; Engineer


WIXY1260Online Mascot


WIXY1260Online Security Guard

The WIXY SuperMen & SuperWomen

A true “WIXY-Fanaddict” and life-long Clevelander who grew up listening to WIXY 1260 AM, Tony Z. aka "The Z-Man" wanted to be a Radio DJ from an early age. Tony is a graduate of the WIXY School of Broadcast Technique and volunteered many hours at WIXY 1260. At the WIXY-May Co. Christmas Parade he escorted The Temptations to their parade vehicle! Tony has many WIXY collectibles including a "certified" piece of the original WIXY 1260 AM Broadcast Tower! His DJ credits include (WIGN) @ St. Ignatius H.S., B-W's WBWC 88.3FM and 15+ years of mobile DJ work in N.E. Ohio.

Tony Z
Fridays, 7-11 PM

TJ is our Assistant GM and studied at both Penn State and Youngstown State Universities, leading him to his career as a legal business specialist. TJ grew up listening to his mom sing like a pro to the likes of The Carpenters and Patsy Cline, inspiring his love of music and leading him to join his school Chorus and Band where he traveled across Pennsylvania in competitions. TJ works tirelessly to build our web presence and professionalism and brings several years of high school announcing experience, public speaking skills and his willingness to play that funky music on the air whenever duty calls.

TJ the DJ

Ray is our Production Manager and Videographer and is a founding member of WIXY1260Online; he's an avid WIXY 1260 AM historian / enthusiast and manages our sister website www.wixy1260.com.
Ray Glasser has been interested in radio and pop music since the summer of 1960, when he was on a small AM station in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, WMFH, for 6 months. Ray studied TV & Radio at Ohio State and at one time had 3 part-time radio jobs in 1971!
Ray enjoys collecting "oldies" and spinning tunes on the air and clipping up those videos on our Videos page (and his own).

Ray King
Thursdays, 7-11 PM

Listening to WIXY 1260 in 1967 ignited Ray's interest in radio so much, that while others were playing sports, Ray was playing "radio station" by spinning his brother's records and pretending to be one of the jocks. At high school he played records on the school public address system and announced for home basketball games and wrestling matches. While at The Ohio State University, he worked at the school's station, WOSR. After returning to Cleveland, Ray worked at CRRS (later CSCN) and WMIH (1260 AM) and produced a program for WELW.

Ray Twardy

Marc grew up listening to WIXY 1260 and loves music! His radio experience includes the program syndication department of WCLV and production work at WBBG. This is in addition to his experience as a television camera man. Mark is a native of Northeast Ohio and currently lives in Cleveland. In his free time, Marc enjoys filling in for other WIXY DJs and spreading the WIXY word any way he can.

Marc Flanagan
Tuesdays & Thursdays,
10 AM-2 PM

Cleveland born, Ohio Media School Graduate, Tim Kulik moved to Tennessee at a young age and graduated from Perry County High School. Afterwards, he became a licensed piercer he moved back to Ohio in 2004 to work at a local tattoo shop. If you meet Tim, you’ll see himself as an artful expression of his capabilities. Tim toured the country doing 28 shows with one of his favorite bands, and toured with a Grammy nominated rap artist.
Tim currently works in the print industry and his diverse experience and willingness to do whatever he can to be successful is why he's such a great fit at WIXY1260Online.

(Tim Kulik)
Saturdays, 7-11 PM

Mike Meszaros, a resident of Berea, Ohio, graduated from Padua Franciscan High School in 2012. Mike studied Communications and Integrated Media at Mount Union from 2012-2014 where he spent time as a DJ delivering the news, weather, sports, along with jazz music on top of a/v editing, camera operation and writing. Later he moved to and graduated from Bowling Green State University in May 2016, where he evolved his skills with social and interactive media and web design. Concurrently, Mike also worked for ESPN3 delivering storylines for athletic events. A big Cleveland sports fan, Mike also enjoys eating Chipotle and watching the Stranger Things TV show.

Mikey Mezz

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Dave is a proud Viking both from St. Joe's High School and Cleveland State University. After earning his degree in Communications from CSU, he spent over 30 years with the CSU Police Department from where he retired. Fulfilling his passion from the music, Dave DJ'd at WCSB and has amassed a sizeable collection of CDs, albums, 45's and even 78's. Dave now resides in North Olmsted, Ohio, with his wife of over 40 years, Doreen, with their loving family and grandkids closeby.

Dave Ryder
Mondays & Wednesdays,
10 AM-2 PM

Scott Kriska, a resident of Medina, Ohio, graduated from Highland High School in 2007. While at Bowling Green State University, he majored in Broadcast Journalism. Scott's previous radio and TV experiences include working as a DJ for WBGU 88.1 FM, BG24 News and 1590 WAKR in Akron. Since his college graduation in 2011, he has been writing freelance for two local newspapers, The Post Newspapers in Medina and the West Side Leader in Akron. Scott is also planning on starting a podcast in the near future, in which he hopes to interview local celebrities, public figures and other interesting people in the Northeast Ohio area.

(Scott Kriska)
Wednesdays & Fridays,
2-6 PM

Born and raised in N.E. Ohio, B.A. has been an avid fan of rock & roll for over 45 years. After graduating from Cleveland State University, B.A. enjoyed a memorable 25 year career working for Cuyahoga County government. He also moonlighted as a mobile disc jockey during the 1990’s. B.A. comes to us as a 2015 graduate of the American Broadcasting School, and previously hosted his own successful Internet Radio show. B.A. resides in Fairview Park with his lovely bride of over 30 years.

B.A. Bartell
Sundays, 10 AM-2 PM

A Valley View, Ohio, native, music has been Jordan’s life-long love. While many kids collected baseball cards and listened to radio Disney, he was busy studying music from the past 30 years. At 13 he started his band, Lithium, as its Singer Songwriter, and plays several other instruments. Jordan’s musical taste varies widely between Elvis Presley and Nirvana - this includes WIXY era artists and those emerging today.
He dubbed himself DJ “Style” after reciting Ric Flair promos about “Stylin n’ Profilin” (but we think it’s because of his hair…) Jordan enjoys writing music, watching wrestling, and nature - all while attending the Ohio Media School. His motto is, “Life’s too short to waste it not doing what you love.”

DJ Style
(Jordan Toler)
Thursdays, 2-6 PM &
Fridays, 10 AM-2 PM

Mac is a graduate of the University of Mount Union and the Ohio Media School and currently resides in Chippewa Lake. While at Mount Union, Mac hosted a radio show and was a DJ at events on campus. More recently he has done work for All Sports Cleveland and the North Coast Underground and interned at WOBL/WDLW in Oberlin. Mac found his way to WIXY1260Online through fellow attendees of the Ohio Media School and is excited to play this music and bring back a big part of Cleveland's Radio History.

Mac Gilbert
Tuesdays, 2-6 PM

Staff and Contributors


Abby Doutt
WIXY Pixie


Barb Kostya
WIXY Pixie


Billy Bass
Guest DJ; Advisor
(An original WIXY 1260 AM DJ)


Corvette Don
Graphic Artist


Ed Pugh
Office Assistant; Remote Technician


Lisa Jordan
Guest DJ & Announcer


(Peter Bernardo)
Substitute DJ; Remote Technician


Kevin O'Neill
Guest DJ & Announcer


Larry Morrow
Guest DJ; Advisor
(An original WIXY 1260 AM DJ)


Linda Harrison-Bellezza
WIXY Pixie


Marianne George
WIXY Pixie


Rebecca Leyland
WIXY Pixie


Shotgun Tom Kelly

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Regardless of position or background, our team members are expected to adhere to a strong, yet fair set of guidelines and principles. Our goal is to have a fun yet responsible environment where all can be encouraged to succeed and work in harmony, free of prejudices or acrimony of any kind. We welcome talent of any skill level and will work to place persons in a position best suited to their skills, and, our team members are all expected to work together to elevate the success and image of the team and the station as a whole.

All team members must live in or near the Cleveland, Ohio, area and have a reliable form of transportation and communication tool (phone, e-mail, Facebook, etc.) and be able to commit to a minimum of 5 hours per month (DJs must commit 2 non-DJ hours per month).  Likewise, our team members will be trained to be technologically savvy so as to be able to help us in our mission of ushering in the next generation of Radio.

Our success lies in our team's cohesion and conduct; our team members are professionals in their fields and maintain this standard at WIXY1260Online as outlined in our 5-5-2014 Press Release.  

Sales Assistant

We believe in delivering an honest and valuable sales product to our customers that is based on actual quantifiable statistics which are not colored to give false impressions and not truly able to benefit either party. We pride ourselves on our honesty, clarity and no non-sense approach to our on air products, our internal and external interactions and our sales.

The Sales Assistant will work with Station Management to develop streams of revenue, inlcuding, but not limited to: website advertising sales, traditional radio spots sales and event sales. They will also strategize to deliver and create business relationships that benefit both the station and the customer in an honest, down to earth, no smoke & mirrors approach. A modest amount of compensation may be involved.

Tech / Engineer

Do you enjoy interacting with people and spreading the word about hip things? WIXY1260Online is working to appear live at venues across the area. As such opportunities occur, we will need assistance with location setup, guest interaction and demonstration/promotion of the ‘new way’ to listen to radio. Duties may include setting up promotional displays, banners, decorating, connecting engineering equipment, reporting site issues to Management, site security and safety, assembly and distribution of promotional materials and prize packets. Lifting heavy items may be necessary and reliable transportation is required. For some assignments, fuel and drink reimbursements may be given at Management's discretion.

Air Talent

We are currently looking to add new DJs to our team. Do you have excitement and passion for the music of the golden WIXY Era (60's & 70's rock/pop chart toppers)? If you have a desire to be a part of a fun team of DJs who enjoy what they're doing yet can be professional and follow guidelines and station format, then you might be just what we're looking for!

Volunteer for as few as 4 hours per month as a Special Guest DJ or Substitute DJ. These slots are generally reserved for known local talent and professionals, but may be adjusted as practical. DJs are expected to be involved in other duties as deemed necessary.

***COVID Special Rates - Click Here for Details***

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